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Independent Audit & Tax consultant​


Dear Sathya,
I just start saying thank you very much for being an amazing coach. Initially i had few gists of what is life coach is, but neither tried having one . As you explained about the roles of coach generally, i had a thought that why cant i shall try in my life. That thought, brought a good transformation in my life.
On start of every session, though i had clarity about what is the obstacle to be overcomed, only during the session i found out what is the cause of the obstacles & what is the possible actions to be taken to overcome such obstacles .
As an expert states “Identifying the problems is half way to the solution “ i found out my constraints which stops me to achieve during our session.
As the root cause of the problem is being identified, either through myself or with the help of my supporters i am trying to overcome the obstacles in my life.
So to conclude saying that, i really had great clarity about myself & obstacles i face & solutions which i can try for overcoming such obstacles due to the life coach sessions i had with you.
I thank you from bottom of my heart to u sathya for giving such a transformation in my life.
Wish u a great endeavours & success in your life..

Assistant Manager at “TVS Argomm”


It was very useful one for me to improve my every skills to perform well both in personal and professional life. The coach was calm, patient and adopted a friendly approach and was open to a change in the course of the conversation. Hence this process allowed me to gain awareness of myself, my strengths and blindspots. I feel confident and joyful at the end of all the coaching sessions and this is a change i see in comparison to the first few coaching meetings. I also understand that the answers are within me. Instead of feeling any negativity , i realized that it is important to accept a situation and remain consistent in my efforts and be willing to learn.

Senior Partner at an organization Offering Secretarial & Legal Corporate Solutions ​


Dear Sathya, I haven’t undertaken coaching before so was apprehensive at the beginning. Initially ,the obvious fear of sharing your personal issues was there as in India we normally don’t seek advice from others especially in personal matters. But her comforting and reassuring smile drew away my anxieties. Her positive attitude to coaching enabled me to confide to her all my issues including some weird issues. In our normal life we look at problems and do not actually think in the right manner to resolve them. Sathya through her coaching has shown me the path to come out of an issue of my own through the right thinking to solve the issue. The benefits of coaching have been immense. On my work front and in family matters, I have immensely improved. I am able to visualise my issues and sort it out on my own. I would suggest others who are willing to consult her to undertake at least 6 coaching sessions as the real benefit of coaching can be seen only then. Thank you Sathya for making me think my way out of issues..

Engineering Student


I do not know about other coaches but my interaction with Sathya was awesome. I literally felt the difference , after interacting with her I believe other coaches are also equally empathetic to their clients . Coaching helped me sort out and fix things .​

MBA Student ​


It was really amazing and it helped me a lot.It was a kind of experience for me. Thank You very much.​

Company Secretary 

Good Motivation for learner’s ​

General Manager HR at “TVS Argomm”.

Dear Ms Sathya, Warm Greetings. We thank you for the Coaching session had with our Executive. We understood from the client that the Coaching sessions were useful, and he could reflect the learning and experiences of coaching both at his work and personal life. Further, it was noted that the coaching conversations were very friendly manner, and he was at ease to discuss. He had mentioned that it has given him confidence and induced Positivity & he will work on his developmental areas. Thanks for the inputs & coaching our executive, Wish you all the very best in your endeavours and wish you Happy 2022! ​ ​

A Young Executive in a Growing Consulting Firm “.

“Coaching is different from mentoring or training. A coaching relationship is not meant to be instructive and it focuses only on a client’s development.Coaches have one main role,- “ask questions to help their client come to decisions and solutions on their own”.I felt that, the coaching sessions make me to think and take a decision on my own.”Thank you so much for your great work in the coaching session. I have made a note of your words and ideas and I’ll keep them in mind for the future”

A technical project manager in the IT industry”.


“I had heard about coaching, but really didn’t know much about it. We had 3 sessions, and each was progressive. I was learning more about myself. This experience has broken my prefixed notions and it was nothing like I imagined. It is indeed effective and worthwhile. I have re identified my strengths which was lost in mayhem. Never knew the importance of the questions. How it was framed and how it made me think in different perspectives. Everything was about me, and I was the centre for any conversation. Hour long discussion without even a slight hint of being judgmental is so precious. I felt royalty! I never knew that I could open up so much with a stranger so soon”.

An electric vehicle startup entrepreneur & young CEO”.


“This is the first coaching that I have attended. I didn’t have much thoughts about coaching. I just wanted to give a try as I thought this coaching would be a catalyst towards achieving my milestones. I became more organized, confident and got more clarity on how to approach things. I have started doing things that were waiting for a longtime in my checklist. The major change I see is I am overcoming procrastination and started to do things rather than putting it in waitlist. Overcoming procrastination and getting organised are the 2 major changes that I see from this coaching experience. I have actually started implementing things that have been waiting in my mind for a long time. It has given me confidence on transforming myself towards the end goal. Some of the major AHA moments for me: To overcome networking anxiety, I found that if we approach people to get some information, rather than thinking of them to understand our needs has given me new strength towards talking to unknown people and initiating cold conversations. Overall, the coaching was a great experience for me and I would say the first 2 sessions were the best among the 4, as I was able to practically apply the daily to do list and my fitness plan. Your professionalism and your steering ability to take the conversation towards the end goal was quite impressive. All the best”.