Coaching Works

That, coaching works like magic and enables one to delve deeper and discover blind spots/limiting beliefs is a known fact. But the process of witnessing this magic unfold in ways one might never expect during the course of a coaching session is an overwhelming experience. I strongly believe in the words of Paulo Coelho that, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. This quote truly resonates with me every time i partner with a client on a journey of growth/progress.

One of my clients had come forward to speak about her multifarious roles spread across work and home. She also spoke about how she was receiving no credit/acknowledgement from any side for all her efforts and how she was feeling overwhelmed. Through a visualization exercise, she was able to take me through a typical scenario of what exactly transpires and how it leads to this feeling of “lack of acknowledgement”. No matter how many times she said that, she didn’t want to care about seeking external validation, every-time she ended by saying that there was no credit/acknowledgement. After a brief silence, i asked her “what was the common trend emerging across all these situations?”. She said that she may say that external validation is not required but then she craves for a little bit of appreciation. She also noticed that, no one was expecting her to do anything out of the way, but it was she, who wanted to ensure everyone and everything was taken care of. When further asked, “If you were to ask your higher self, about the roles that you play across work and life, what would be the response?”. She thought briefly for a moment and said that, her higher self would laud her for giving her best in each situation and doing all that she can to the best of her knowledge. But also stated that, in her quest for external validation, she had ignored her own inner self which would give her a better view of what she wanted to know. This was such a powerful realization not just for her but also for me. Sometimes all the answers that you ever wanted to hear, lie within you! In fact, all that you want to ever achieve, becomes absolutely possible, when you look within just to understand that you can simply tap into the resources and capabilities you have been endowed with.

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