“How Coaching Worked at an Individual, Team and Organizational Level?”

This feedback is from a coaching intervention for a small-medium sized organization specializing in legal & corporate affairs with presence in both Chennai & Kochi. As part of the above, both individual and group coaching engagements were carried out for the entire team.


Improvement in communication skills -both oral and written communication.  Communication is now more purposeful , effective and well articulated especially while speaking to clients.

Time Management and completing the tasks on time without stretching deadlines.

By and large able to prioritise the work –‘First things First’

Work with a check list in hand for any assignment so that there is less need to supervise and nothing gets missed out.

Identification of weaknesses at individual level and also help the individual find out & work towards overcoming such weaknesses.

To get to know one’s inner strength & innate abilities through self-analysis.

Improved confidence levels and ability to face difficult situations.

Enhanced Motivation levels and teamwork.

Visible improvement post coaching in the ability dealing with stress both at work place and at home.

The session also emphasized on how & why personal planning is necessary to strike a work -life balance.

The coaching brought in more of an open talk with the team members and they can understand each other much better than before


 The Client company’s billing value increased during Q4 of 2020-21 by 40% and 287% from Q3 in Chennai and Kochi respectively.

Even during Q1 of current FY 21-22 despite lockdown, billing in both the locations(+13.5% together) has gone up as compared to Q3 of last FY 20-21 ( before coaching started).

 In the context of this organization (wherein we partnered both on group followed by individual coaching engagements), it was a mutually rewarding experience mainly because of the synergy that coaching generated over the course of time amongst the team members and in turn pushed them to arrive at creative, smart and concrete actions to drive performance at an individual as well as organizational level!  This was the same synergy that was hidden and as soon as it slowly started emerging as a by-product, it was beautiful to see how this started driving other actions forward and generated so much accountability in every team member! Especially in a situation where some of the team members were working on a hybrid basis (as this new normal taught organizations to embrace!). The feedback authentically sought, reveals the multi-fold benefits of coaching and as one of my clients shared, it had impacted not just one area of life (which she had shared as her overall topic of engagement) but it had also improved the quality of life across all the other major areas of life – such as the transformational effect of coaching!

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