My Tryst with Coaching

“Coaching has been such a thought-provoking & enriching experience that enables me to witness the magic of self-realization that lies dormant deep within one’s subconscious space. I am a young & passionate HR professional with a deep interest to champion talent development topics. My interest arises from my belief that each individual is resourceful and has all the means to achieve his/her dreams. But there are limiting beliefs, perceptions waiting to be unearthed and decoded to help one understand what one is capable of becoming!

We all live in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world. And nothing better than the first pandemic wave to reiterate this message loud & clear! While it’s hard to wrap one’s head around hard and unimaginable circumstances, there always lies an opportunity to unlearn, relearn and evolve. I considered this time to re-frame my emotions, perspectives and consequently identify my life vision statement!

An informal coaching cum soft skill training program initiated by me for a small team based out of Chennai helped me just do the same! Getting coached and enrolling myself in a coach-training program in late 2020 was such a life-changing experience! Followed by intensive training, I found myself slowly being able to seek out an opportunity from every challenge and experienced the magic of self-awareness which slowly started opening doors. Further, I was so fortunate to connect with so many inspiring people as part of building my coaching practice and the ICF credentialing process! And all of this was possible even as I have been living on another continent! Absolutely grateful to technology and the silver lining presented by the pandemic that helped me do all those things that I was postponing for a later date in future! I truly feel inspired and wish to let many more people experience the magic of understanding one’s true potential by way of a future-focused coaching process! I would be most glad to play a small part in helping you (re)-chart your/your organization’s growth story. As some of my clients would agree, I can promise a stake-holder centric and growth-oriented process that would totally be designed by you with me as a co-traveller and just to ensure that you have a pleasant experience! I invite you to read on what some of my clients have shared about getting coached (Check here – ‘What clients say about me’) 

Should you have any questions or need any further information, I invite you to contact me at or feel free to book a short call here”